Groceries by Bicycle

I live all of 1/2 mile from the grocery store. Close enough to walk, but I just don't like to walk. Seems so much effort for such slow progress! I'd gone by bike a few times, but just can't carry much in my hands - not to mention the hazard of having swinging bags in your hands while trying to steer...

I finally bought a cargo trailer for the bike. Used it to get the groceries this morning, and it worked like a dream! I just wish the store had a decent place to secure bikes. Best place I've found so far is the handicapped parking signs in the parking lot! I don't take the actual parking slot, but the striped-yellow triangle at the end of the row. Still, not very desirable in a busy parking lot.

Above is the trailer on the bike, and below the contents of my first trip. Looks like I'll have plenty of room even for days when I need toilet paper, cat food and kitty litter too!

Load of groceries in trailer