Groceries by Bicycle
I bought a trailer for the bike. Now I can get the groceries and get exercise at the same time!

My favorite hobby is bicycling. Nothing I enjoy more than heading off down a quiet road or bike trail for a long ride. I've never been much on off-road riding, prefering a cruise down a country road. (Granted, plenty of them would nearly qualify as "off-road" anymore!)

I rode bikes a fair bit as a kid, but never anything serious. As a teen I rode a bike to deliver papers and get to school. When I got a drivers license, though, I stopped riding anywhere! Tragedy.

Between the lack of exercise and an insatiable appetite for tasty things like Doritos and Reeses my weight began climbing. In January 2000 I decided I needed to do something about it, started losing weight. Shortly afterward I dug out the hybrid bike I had used all of a handful of times over the last few years and began riding around Hefner.

That was tough! I was never able to go more than a single loop of the lake - about 9 miles. Well before I finished I just plain HURT. My back, butt, hands, arms... You name it, I wasn't comfortable! That wasn't anything new to me, I hadn't been particularly comfortable on a bike over a longer ride since I was a kid.

I kept getting passed by this guy on a recumbent bike at Hefner. Of course he was cruising along much faster than I could go, especially after the pain set it. Finally, one day, I caught up to him and asked about the bike. I liked what I saw and heard, so I headed for the bike shop he mentioned - Pro Bike at 63rd & MacArthur.

I went straight up there after my ride, and asked about recumbents. He had a RANS Wave - the entry level at the time - and I fooled around in the parking lot for a bit. Liked the feel, but good grief $500! Seems a pittance now, but compared to the class of bikes I'd been buying up to then... I said I'd think about it, went home, spent 10 minutes on the "think about it" part, then grabbed the checkbook and headed back!

I rode 20 MILES my first time out on that Wave! It was HEAVENLY! I have been sold on recumbents ever since.

I now ride a RANS V-Rex, the bike in the picture above. Bought it in 2001, so it's been around a while! Still love it. I'm tempted to buy another bike now, but I don't know what. If I don't find another model that's fun enough to go for I'll be perfectly happy with a second V-Rex in the garage!

I was riding 20-30 miles per day at one point, unfortunately I let stress and frustration in my life get the better of me and pretty much stopped riding altogether for a few years. I'm now getting back into the swing of it! I so miss the long rides I used to make...